Mill Swamp Indian Horses, LLC, is a family-owned operation where Indian Horses and Corolla Spanish Mustangs are raised and trained naturally. Our horses are of small, sturdy stock. Most were born in the wild on the open ranges of the west to the sunny islands of the N.C. Outer Banks. Our students participate in training colts and wild horses and ride them on challenging, lengthy trail rides. We demonstrate teaching natural horsemanship to children, along with our methods of taming and training wild horses on-site and out of state.

In 2009, Mill Swamp was recognized by the Horse of the Americas Registry with the Carol Stone Ambassador Award.

Steve & Mill Swamp were recipients of the Keeper of the Flame Award from the American Indian Horse Association for their efforts to preserve the Corolla Spanish Mustangs.

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"The contagious passion of Steve Edward's improves the lives of people and horses alike. To him Mill Swamp is not a hobby, it is not a job, it is a fire displayed in his endless efforts, creativity, and time he pours into training horses, preserving the Corollas, and improving the lives of all ages as he teaches how to think and act like a horse. Personally Steve has taught me an important lesson of the value of sweat, dirt, patience, cantering, and properly trimmed hooves. My life will forever be positively influenced by the many fulfilling hours spent with Steve at Mill Swamp Indian Horses."

-- Ruth Ann, Hampton, VA

"Steve Edwards gave me the courage to do what most everyone else thought could not be done----ride a wild mustang that I trained myself without any experience or lessons at age 58. He said it could be done, and I believed him. He inspires young and old alike – both horse and human. Since I don’t live nearby, I have enrolled in his online class: "The Horse, The Herd, And The Hoof," and I continue to be motivated to do things that I never dreamed I could do."

--Vicki, Goochland, VA